How to buy a home

  1. Find a top real estate agent (looks like you've already got step one complete!)

  2. Identify financing of the home purchase with a trusted lender

  3. Get your loan pre-approved and feel comfortable and knowledgeable of the costs

  4. Establish the must haves and want list of your perfect Colorado home.

  5. Review the real estate listings and plan which homes to view

  6. The most fun part, time to tour metro area homes!

  7. Make an offer! Jeff will ensure that your offer is competitive against other home buyers

  8. Negotiate the offer, this is where we can get creative and make things work for both parties

  9. Deliver earnest money

  10. Get the property inspected

  11. Negotiate repairs

  12. Continue working with your lender to move through the loan process

  13. Receive the property appraisal

  14. Finalize amount needed for closing

  15. Complete the final walk through of the property

  16. Close on the property

  17. Move into your new Colorado Home!