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Updated: Apr 23

Purchasing a new home is both intimidating and exciting at the same time. Doing research on when to buy your dream home is a great start. Real estate market does vary in different locations such as the prices in Aspen may rise right before ski season or home prices may fall in the summer for Pheonix, Arizona. Because of this variation it is important to find a local real estate agent who can help guide you through the process. Although these dates do vary depending on the local market, majority of the united states follows these trends.

Time of Year for Lowest Price

The winter months, specifically January is often the best time to get a deal on a home. This time period sellers are often motivated and you will have less competition from other home buyers. Because of this however selection will be slim and if you are in a rush to move it may be more difficult.

Time of Year for Selection and Deals

The sweet spot to start looking can be August. This time period there are still plenty of options in the housing market however many buyers will be weary that the school year is starting and it will be easier to ask for a discount. The other gain about shopping for real estate in August is that if you don't immediately find your dream home the prices will continue to fall.

Best Day of the Week

The best time of the week to make and offer is Thursday. Majority of open houses and showings are on the weekend and by making an offer on a Thursday you are able to get in before the competition and help avoid any bidding wars. 



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