Common Home Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Remodeling your home can be a great way to add your own personal touch and can increase your property value. These projects establish a sense of pride and are a great talking point when you have company over!

Completed Kitchen Backsplash

Not Expecting the Unexpected

During any remodel, there will be surprises. When you open up a wall you might find mold, or a leaky pipe. There is also the fact that some things may have to be redone to get them up to code, this common with older homes. These things unfortunately aren't uncommon and you'll need to get them fixed.

Plan ahead

Do everything you can to establish a set plan ahead of time and stick with it. It isn't uncommon for projects to have scope creep as they start to expand the project as it goes on. One example is working on your kitchen, then realizing that your connected deck would make your kitchen view nicer, then you want to add some new plants. This same thing extends to being indecisive. This is important not to keep changing plans around as they will inevitably extend the timeline and the cost.

Forgetting to compliment the current style

It's easy to see a super modern design online and fall in love with it. The problem is it might not fit your Spanish 1920's bungalow. It is important to keep the current style of the home throughout it and not have major changes in each room.

Taking on too much

Make sure to align the project with your experience level. If you have never tiled before it could be useful to tile a backsplash before doing an entire bathroom remodel. If this is your first remodel, it might not be worth looking into changing the floor plan like adding structural beams.

In Process Kitchen Backsplash

Being too cheap

Although finding a good deal is important, it is also important to keep in mind the quality of things. Going with the cheapest contractor without asking good interview questions, or buying the cheapest materials that will break soon after installing them.

Rushing the job or inexperience

If you are doing your own work, it is important to take your time and know what you are doing. A bad tiling job or other issues do catch the eyes of visitors and potential buyers. If it is your first time completing a project it can greatly help to learn by volunteering or taking a class at your local shop. This is in addition to watching lots of videos that you can reference halfway through the project. It is also highly advised to hire a plumber or electrician to double check your work before closing up the walls. This small cost can save you massive headaches later on.

Setting An Unrealistic Budget

Home renovations done by yourself or contractors are often more than what people expect. It is important to not only get quotes for the work but ask specifically what work is included. Even the best contractors however and your own home projects can go over budget so it is important to add at least an extra 20% to the bill as a safety net.

Selecting Appliances Last

It is important to know what appliances you will want as your move forward. Refrigerators come in all different sizes so knowing what size to build the cabinets around are important. It also helps to know the newer trends such as microwaves are now often built into the cabinets and look like a small oven instead of the older style that will sit above the range or on the counter. You don't need to purchase them immediately, however it is important to have them chosen to ensure the correct dimensions and more.

Measuring Incorrectly

The old motto of measure twice and cut once is true not only on small projects but even more important on large remodeling projects. Nothing is worse than having a new counter top moving in and it doesn't line up or not able to fit your refrigerator in the space you designated for it.

What renovations will increase home value the most?

- Manufactured stone veneer can add significant value to your home. It is recommended that you don't do the entire exterior with the veneer however utilizing it on the corners or on entryways can add nice charm. Garage door replacements add significant value.

- Garage doors are large and attract attention to the front of the home. Sprucing up the garage door creates a whole new look for the home.

- Increase light throughout the home and update light fixtures. Pot lights are in and can be a large upgrade for fairly cheap. The light will make the space seem a lot more open.

- Minor kitchen remodels can increase home value. It is important not to upgrade things too much but adding some backsplashes or having some new countertops installed can go a long way.

When remodeling a house what should be done first?

Planning and budgeting is the first thing that you should do before completing any remodeling project. This helps prevent you from having to do something twice and ensuring that you have the funds to complete the project so you don't have to stop halfway through. Next up is demolition and completing any major repairs. Opening up walls to help fix foundation issues or a roof is important to get done immediately. These issues will have to be fixed and best to attack this before hitting the cosmetics. This is followed by the plumbing, HVAC and electrical upgrades since the walls are open and easy to install these things. Next is covering back up the drywall and painting things up. From there the floors and new appliances can be installed.

What brings down property value?

Location and your neighbors are some of the primary things that bring down property value and the worst part about it is that you cannot control it. Things such as poor neighbors who leave broken down cars on the front lawn and such can hurt your value. In addition, if your neighbors are going through foreclosures than it will also bring your value down as a similar home will be sold for cheap. The next thing is a close proximity to noisy things such as a highway, gun range and more. These things are likely not going to go away and effect the quality of life for the residents. The last thing is poor maintenance of the property such as peeling exterior paint or a bad HVAC system.

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