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Pros and Cons Of Living In Denver

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Denver is the mile high city bustling with vibrant energy while allowing for easy access to the great outdoors. With more than 700,000 people calling this place home, it has great opportunists for all!


booming economy

Denver has a booming economy providing jobs throughout a variety of industries. If you are interested in a plethora of industries from technology, finance, energy, manufacturing, aerospace and more. This robust growth across a plethora of industries has keep the economy strong and constantly growing.

The great outdoors

Although Denver is near the mountains and not inside of them, it provides only a short trip to access the great outdoors. If you are into fly fishing, rock climbing, hiking, world class skiing or anything involving nature it is here. Only a short day trip away is access to ski resorts, Rocky Mountain National Park, and 14,000 ft mountains to conquer.

Professional Sports

Denver is home to many professional sports teams from the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Rockies. Not only are these big four on the list, but there are also soccer, lacrosse, rugby and more options available. The ice climbing world cup was even hosted here in Denver in 2019.

International Airport

Denver International Airport (DIA) offers 28 nonstop international flights to 14 different countries making it easy to get around in and outside of the country. This includes destinations in Europe, Asia and South America. Having easy transit access across the country and internationally makes going on vacation a breeze.

Amazing Beer

Denver offers a great variety of microbreweries offering a variety of excellent beer that anyone can find as their new favorite. There are plenty of other options such as cideries, distilleries and gluten free beer options.

Young City

Denver has a low median population of only 37. This means the city is designed to be vibrant filled with bars, activities and art. There seems to always be something to do!

300 Days of sunshine

It seems like it is always nice out in Denver with 300 days of sunshine. Even during the winter the low humidity makes it quite mild. The snow even melts quickly except for where it matters up in the ski haven mountains!


Housing Costs

Due to the flood of newcomers into the denver metro area, the construction cannot keep up and has caused an increase of housing and rental prices. The average home price in Denver is $430,000 and a 1 bedroom rental will cost around $1400 per month.


Denver's growth has overburdened the transit system and created some serious traffic. It also doesn't help that the public transit network isn't far reaching and generally requires individuals to own a vehicle.

High Altitude

Although most people get used to the high altitude at first it can be difficult to transition to the thin air and low humidity. Hair and skin will dry quickly as well as the sun is harsher. This can work as a positive as well though since there is minimal mold buildup and even on hot days it doesn't feel as bad.

Water Activities

Denver isn't located close by to the oceans and doesn't offer many options for water sports. Although there are lakes available, the beaches can get crowded. You can also forget about some water activities such as scuba diving.

Additional Considerations

Concert at Red Rocks Amptithature

what are some fun things to do in Denver?

Denver offers a variety of great activities from concerts at red rocks amphitheater to shopping at 16th street mall. There are also great in city escapes such as the Denver art museum and the botanical gardens. These are even free about once a month!

Where to eat in Denver?

Denver offers lots of great places to grab a bit. Linger offers great food with a rooftop overlooking downtown Denver. If you are feeling like a fine steakhouse, The Capital Grill offers a great selection of delicate meats. You can also grab some vegan delights at Watercourse foods!

What is a good salary in Denver?

The median household income in Denver Colorado is $68,000. This income should be enough to have a modest living.

How bad are winters in Denver?

Denver winters are not bad and have an average high of 45 degrees. This feels even warmer when you are in the sun and due to the low humidity it doesn't cut through you like if you have previously lived in the northeast. If your one of the lucky ones with their driveway facing south you will very rarely have to shovel!

Is moving to Colorado a good idea?

Denver is an excellent place to move to, with it's booming economy it provides lots of opportunities to all to help offset it's modest price of living.

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