how to sell a home

  1. Find a top real estate agent (looks like you've already got step one complete!)

  2. Research home value to determine the sales price, this is vital as being overpriced can cause a delay in the sale and making the property "stale" however too low and there could be money left on the table.

  3. Stage the home to make it pop, this helps home buyers imagine the space as their own

  4. Get professional photographs, this is the first thing that home buyers will see when deciding whether or not to take the time to view the home

  5. Market the property, this should be across a multitude of platforms.

  6. Manage showings and open houses

  7. Receive feedback and tweak sales process if necessary

  8. Review offers

  9. Negotiate offers to get exactly what you want

  10. Renegotiate inspection items

  11. Have an appraiser approve the price of the home for the buyers loan, this will be done by looking at comparative home sales

  12. Finalize closing details

  13. Close on the home and enjoy the rewards!


What is the best month to sell a house?

selling with jeff

Selling your home is a time to move onto bigger and better things, what shouldn't come along with that is any stress. Working together we can make the selling process easy and even enjoyable! This is why it is key to choose the right Denver real estate agent. As your seller's agent we'll ensure that your home will stand out on the real estate market. This is from high end photography, open houses and quick fixes to maximize home value. Analyzing the recent real estate listings we will find a home price that maximizes your profit and also sells quickly. These combined techniques will help optimize the sale price to ensure that you get top dollar from your home sale. 

The Denver real estate market neighborhoods such as Cherry Creek, Englewood, Littleton and Commerce City have been rising for several years making this a great time to cash in for your superior investment. As a home seller we will ensure that you are helped every step of the way and easily coordinate the home showings, inspections and negotiations. 

Ready to sell your Denver home? fill out the form below, drop me an email or give me a call to start the process with your Denver real estate agent!

The best month to sell a house is in May. This allows for a maximum price if it sells quickly or lags a month into June. The summer season is ideal because family's want to move while children are out of school and the longer days of sunshine spurs energy to ironically leave the house.

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