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Selling your home is a time to move onto bigger and better things, what shouldn't come along with that is any stress. Working together we can make the selling process easy and even enjoyable! This is why it is key to choose the right Denver real estate agent. As your listing agent, we'll ensure that your home will stand out on the real estate market. This is from high-end photography, open houses, and quick fixes to maximize home value. Analyzing the recent real estate listings in the Denver area, we will find pricing that maximizes your profit and also sells quickly. Working together with the buyer's agent other real estate professionals, I'll ensure that the offers that arrive are crafted to your specific needs from the highest dollar value, a rent back clause to give you time to find your new home or removal of contingencies to ensure the closure of the deal. These combined techniques will help optimize the sale price to ensure that you get top dollar from your home sale.

The Denver real estate market neighborhoods such as Cherry Creek, Englewood, Lakewood, Greenwood Village and Aurora have been rising for several years making this a great time to cash in for your superior investment. As a Colorado Realtor, combined with the knowledge from Metro Brokers brokerage, we'll ensure to help fulfill your residential real estate needs as a homeowner. A top agent, can help with a variety of tasks that might not be thought of such as calling the buyers lender ton confirm any contingencies they have to ensure a smooth home sale. To sell homes for the ultimate price can also help by promoting your home through social media to get it even more publicity than the standard multiple listing service (MLS). All of these techniques will help someone going through the home buying process to view your home as their dream home! As a home seller we will ensure that you are helped every step of the way and easily coordinate the home showings, inspections and negotiations.

How do listing agents get paid?

Listings agents make their commission from the home seller at the closing table as the deal is complete. This fee is generally around 2.8% of the closed price of the home, however, can vary. This commission is upfront with the seller before the home is placed on the market.


Can I use the seller's agent to buy a house?

The seller's agent is there to work for the home seller and does not represent the home buyer. In Colorado transactions, brokers are allowed where the seller's agent could swap to a transaction broker where they wouldn't represent the buyer or seller. This could possibly save you a little bit in broker fees however it could cost you a lot more since you may miss some due diligence or think of future mishaps. For example, the seller said they would replace the roof after selling the home. The home seller used the cheapest roofing contractor who did a bad job and the home buyer was upset. The transaction broker at that point had received his commission and was nowhere to be seen. If the home buyer was represented by a buyer's agent they could have advised all of the tasks to be completed before the closing of the home. If time was of the essence then the buyer could have taken the money for the repair to ensure a good job was completed.

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