10 tips to maximize sale price

  1. Reduce the homes clutter, this can be done by cleaning out the garage or attic space. Remove out of season clothing to make the closet seem larger and find anything that is hiding in those dark corners

  2. Give the house a nice deep clean, this can easily be accomplished by hiring a house cleaner but can always be done with some handy elbow grease!

  3. Pristine landscaping will up the homes curb appeal. Make sure the lawn is mowed, hedges trimmed and anything else to wow the buyers

  4. Make things bright! Light gives a sense of depth so keep the curtains open and replace light bulbs with high wattage bulbs. New light fixture (amazon affiliate link) above the dining room table also catch the eye.

  5. Upgrade the front door, this could be as easy as a new painted color or replace it with a new style. While your at it buy a new doormat (amazon affiliate link) to really welcome home buyers!

  6. Make a centerpiece for the table, nice fruit or flowers go a long way

  7. Add a fresh coat paint onto the inside of the home. A nice light neutral color goes a long way.

  8. Make repairs, a lot of small things like squeaky doors gives the presumption that the home isn't taken care of. Some small cheap fixes can go a long way

  9. Remove personalized items, as much as we love our family it is best to keep personal things off the fridge and walls. Try to create a neutral space so that home buyers feel welcome and not encroaching someone else's private space

  10. Keep the outside tidy, if showing in the winter make sure the driveway is plowed, in the fall ensure leaves are raked. Home buyers quickly decide on a home from the curb appeal and that attitude carries throughout the house.

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